Campaign II - The Wailing of the Planes

Neverwinter Nights 2 - Realms of Trinity, Campaign II
Nearly two years after the defeat of the devil (1606 DR), Cain, a series of threats has come to Trinity. This time the source of the problems are unknown, and is far more reaching. An evil energy is sweeping all along the Sembian Coast and has consumed all life as it spreads. Landscapes are being eroded away and people are dying from starvation and disease.

Trinity Knight Captain, Vaster Jarulson was dispatched to investigate this phenomenon, but never returned. Once again, a call has been made to the Heroes of Trinity to assist Trinity in this great time of need.

Content Outline:

  • Chapter 1: The Heart of Emptiness
  • Chapter 2: The Price of Prophecy
  • Chapter 3: The Overgrown Legion
  • Chapter 4: The Deepening Dark
  • Chapter 5: The Artificer of the Deep
  • Chapter 6: The Wailing of the Planes
  • Chapter 7: The Void of the Light
  • Chapter 8: Mysteries of the Lost
  • Chapter 9: Veil of the Dragon
  • Chapter 10: The Heavy Trail
  • Chapter 11: The Dawn of Despair

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