Campaign III - The Cormyrean Expanse

Neverwinter Nights 2 - Realms of Trinity, Cormyrean Expanse

Shortly after stopping the planar intrusion from the outcast infernal, Ungalarath, the heroes of Trinity find themselves in a race to uncover the real reason that Trinity has been the target of so many assaults. The quest leads the heroes to the Lost City of the Netherese that is buried deep beneath the ruins of Trinity. Where will this quest lead? What truths will be revealed? When will you end up? Yes. WHEN will you end up? Only those questions can be answered by experiencing this 18 chapter epic series finale.

The Cormyrean Expanse is also known as ROT 3, or the 3rd Campaign of the Realms of Trinity Saga.

Cormyrean Expanse - Full Trailer


-Level progression from level 31-40.

-Tons of new content and deep story in the background of the Purple Dragons of Suzail, the growing threat from the Port Authority and the origin of the City of Trinity.

Content Outline:

  • Chapter 1: The Bump in the Shadows
  • Chapter 2: The Defiled Crypts
  • Chapter 3: The Cold Case
  • Chapter 4: The Merchants
  • Chapter 5: The Armada
  • Chapter 6: The Mysterious Order
  • Chapter 7: The Escape from Suzail
  • Chapter 8: The Cormyrean Expanse
  • Chapter 9: The Missing King
  • Chapter 10: The Tricky Trial
  • Chapter 11: Whispers in the Streets
  • Chapter 12: The River of Infiltration
  • Chapter 13: The Journey Home
  • Chapter 14: Worship of the Red Scales
  • Chapter 15: The Beginning of the End
  • Chapter 16: The Exodus of Brethern
  • Chapter 17: Escape to Nowhere
  • Chapter 18: The Paradox of the Gods

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