Guild Hall / Player Housing Request Information

Another unique feature of the Realms of Trinity is services we provide for the player. We will accept 4x4, 8x8, or 10x10 interior (tileset) areas for incorporation in the server. Your area will be placed in the Trinity Westgate, Underdark - Reeshov Slums (See below for Underdark Guild details), or Trinity Town Center area and will be used to house a guild of your choosing. You may select the area that your guild will be placed. If you would like to use a pre-fabricated area of the chosen size, please specify that in the subject line of the Paypal donation details. If you create your own area, it cannot use any Storm of Zehir placeables ( you can identify those by seeing an X2 or x2 in the name of the placeable ).

Areas submitted this way are to be submitted as ERF files and will be stripped of any scripts attached to it. The area will be reviewed. Once approved, we will send an approval email and once payment is received ( Paypal Info is under the Donations section above. ) the area will be incorporated within 7 days. Please use the area name as the subject of the Paypal payment.

Underdark Guild Details:

A port option will be added to the port stone to go to your underdark guild, if and only if you have the start for ROT 2 - Chapter 4. If you have an existing non-underdark guild, we will add to your merchant or barkeep the option to port back and forth from the Underdark guild hall and your non-Underdark guild hall.

The guild will be placed in Reeshov - Slums area near the Underdark forger. Donation cost is the same as a regular (non-Underdark) guild.

Guild Removal Process

You may request, at any time, to terminate your guild. Simply PM bbloom on forums with instructions. Any guild that had no active members for a period of 3 months, will be subject to automatic removal. An email will be sent to the guild requester/owner 2 weeks prior to the removal of the guild.

Note: We are currently redesigning the guild request process and we will be suspending guild requests until the new online forms are completed.

The cost of the area to be added is as follows with screen shots of prefabs for given size (Click image for full image view):

8x8 = $20.00 Dollar Donation

Prefab A -

Prefab B -

10x10 = $25.00 Dollar Donation

Prefab C -

Prefab D -

Features that all guild halls will receive

  • Personal Banker - Do your banking right in your guild hall.

  • Persistent Storage - Allows storage of non-bag items, regardless of server reboot.

  • Guild Keys - A chest will be placed in your guild that contains your guild keys and refills upon each reboot. The guild key is what designates a player belonging to the guild and allows entrance to the guild. Every player that has a guild key will be able to directly port to their guild hall from the void portal for each guild they belong to.

  • Guild Store - All guilds will come with a personal general store with basic supplies. This is a templated store.

  • Guild Hall Requirements

  • No Storm of Zehir Placeables - If you create your own area, it cannot use any Storm of Zehir placeables ( you can identify those by seeing an X2 or x2 in the name of the placeable ).

  • No Crafting Benches of any kind - ROT does not support the Obsidian Crafting system, as we have our own forge. If you would like to use a crafting bench to enhance the look and feel of your area, the bench must be converted to a static object.

  • No Scripts/Scripting - Do not submit scripts with your area, as they will not be incorporated.

  • Standard Containers ( Chests / other ) - Chests or other containers may be used, but they must be devoid of inventory and will be inspected by hand after submission. If you submit any container or hide inventory on any container and we catch it, you will be banned immediately!