The Neverwinter Nights 2 Client Extender

This is a plug-in, written by Skywing, for the Neverwinter Nights 2 game client which fixes a number of crash bugs and adds some new features to improve your PW multiplayer experience. It also includes a replacement Internet Server Browser to replace the stock Internet Server Browser that GameSpy discontinued support for.

The Client Extension is an add-on to the standard NWN2 game client that fixes various crash bugs, restores the Internet Server Browser for multiplayer listings, and adds new multiplayer functionality to the game (for example, a better reply function, command history, and a host of other improvements).

Direct download link for latest version: the Client Extension includes built-in self-update functionality when a new version is released). There are also significant improvements to the capabilities of the DM client included (compatible with DMFI, although not dependent on DMFI). For example, you can teleport objects to specific points in other areas without jumping to the area first, and (with some server script support) you can view creatures on the map in a different area than you're currnetly in. A brand new, "headless" standalone DM client for NWN2 is also included that allows PW admins to log on to the server without launching the full game DM client. You can now also create a shortcut to directly connect to a PW from the desktop with the +connect argument supported by the included NWLauncher.exe (see the included readme file for details).

See the following YouTube tutorial video for help getting started using the Client Extension, should you get stuck.