Rules for The Realms of Trinity

General Conduct

Rule #1: No-Griefers Allowed! A greifer is a player who constantly whines in game, bothers other players, or generally carries on abusive behavior.

Rule #2: Absolutely no AFK parking/camping in hostile areas or grind bots or macros. Players caught doing this will have the experience on their characters caught in the act cut in half on the very first offense.

Rule #3: No harassment* of any kind will be tolerated

Rule #4: No use of profanity, sexual commentary or comments will be tolerated.

Rule #5: Do not ask the DM’s for free (i.e. unearned) loot, gear, etc. We are glad to help, but are not here to be mobile supply trains or piñatas waiting to drop loot.

Rule #6: No system exploits: Defined as any use or abuse of ROT systems to gain unearned game benefits.

Rule #7: Names of Gods, in game NPC's, or that are crude or deemed as inappropriate are not allowed.

Rule #8: Use the shout channel responsibly. The RoT community has always been a friendly group and we are all here to help you if you need it. Being responsible means that you understand that your shout will potentially interrupt other players' gameplay, so think carefully before shouting. Also, the shout channel is not a chatroom. If you start having a conversation, please take it to a different channel.

If there is an event going on, please try not use the shout channel.

None of the DM's are interested in being communication's police; we have neither the time, energy nor frankly the skills to do so. However, if a DM tells you to stop, refer to Rule #9.

Rule #9: If a DM tells you to do something in a non-event or RP method (regardless of them being on player or DM side) you MUST comply!

Rule #10: Never give any personally identifing information on the server (staff or players), as there are no guarantees of privacy when playing online games, such as Realms of Trinity. If you have any concerns on player behavior, please bring prompt attention to any staff member or report it to as soon as possible. Some examples of personal information would be real name, address, any passwords, banking information, Social Security number, phone number, etc. You will never be asked by staff for any information, and if anyone is saying that they're staff and asking, please bring this to the attention of via email.

Rule #11: Use of profane, sexually inappropriate, or just plain in bad taste, or names that include DM that are used to mimic ROT Staff or that would mislead others that you are staff, for Community Login or Character Names is STRICTLY prohibited. Your account will be locked and/or banned if this rule is violated.

*Harassment is defined as any out of character or in character statements that cause the reader to feel hurt, persecuted, or offended in an individual sense (i.e. you, not your character is being harassed). Additional forms are pick pocketing and shadow simming other players.

Pick pocketing is NOT allowed as is seen as a form of harassment. There is nowhere in the Realms of Trinity where this is permissible

The shadow simulation spell is not to be used on players to find out details about their build or other factors. Such action is viewed as on par with bullying.

The consequences of offenses and repeat offenders will be chosen by the staff. General consequences are given below:

Camping: If we catch you, we will penalize by dropping you 1 million XP for first offense, 3 million XP for second, and banning for 3rd. This is a serious issue and needs to be adhered to.

Ignoring a DM: Your attention will be gained and the DM will decide what to do.

PvP / Player vs. Player PvP (or Player vs Player) actions are only allowed when:

1. Consent is given.
2. Both players are flying either the RP or the PvP flag. This is only the case as long as no one is atagonizing an individual flying the flag.

Consent to PvP actions are defined as the following:

In Character: Threats, Rude comments, picking a fight, typing in an aggressive or attacking action (i.e. *John throws Dude’s lute into a fire*).
Out of Character: Flying the PvP flag and agreeing to a fight or picking a fight as mentioned above.

BEFORE PvP takes place, screenshots of the conversation logs should be taken to show consent.

Guild vs. Guild PvP

On the guild level, PvP is only allowed when

1. Consent is given by either action, word, or posted status on the forums
2. At least one group is flying either the RP or the PvP flag in either group

BEFORE PvP takes place screenshots of the conversation logs should be taken to show consent or ensure the forums state a state of war between the groups. NOTE: If you are currently participating in RP, you are considered to be in RP mode regardless of the status of use of an RP or PvP flag. Thus if you are participating in RP the above rules apply.

Forum Rules

Rule #1: No harassment
Rule #2: No use of profanity, sexual commentary or comments will be tolerated.
Rule #3: If a Moderator PM’s or tells you to do something you MUST comply!

Player and RP Forums must use RP appropriate speech and summaries. This means no metagaming or godmoding (i.e. if there is no way for it to work in real life (or via lore) then it can not be added in)

Good Example 1: “Someone was following him throughout the Fugue plains….I never knew who it was.
Bad Example 1: “Ed followed me through the Fugue plains” (this would be unknown if Ed was not seen due to status effects or had his face covered).

Good Example 2: “The robed stranger had many stories to tell, later we were able to discern that some facts were true”.
Bad Example 2: “Joe told a lot of stories when Ed shouted from Atlantis that this was true “(unless Ed has some epically strong pipes, there is no way he could be heard from across the sea)

RP Guidelines

*NOTE: These guidelines and suggestions! These are not enforced unless at a DM’s RP event!

Individual or Event Driven RP
See Codefied Laws of DM Silver Adept events” and “What is RP and how it applies to online gaming” in the RP Forums All DM’s can apply different rules for different events, please ask BEFORE the event if there are any changes.

Guild vs. Guild or Guild vs. Individual RP

In the Realms of Trinity there are many guilds easily visible by their cloaks. While some guilds are now full time RP (Role Playing), there are general guidelines for interactions (think Pirates Code).

• If one member of the guild in an area flies the RP flag, the entire group at that time will be assumed to be consenting to both RP and the consequences (and fun) thereof.
• RP is not enforced in the Realms of Trinity, but it will be seen as good manners interact with RP guilds in an RP manner.
• The RP groups or guilds can act as a whole or as individuals…inflammatory remarks by one member of the group can be viewed as the will of the group!

These rules can be adapted or new rules can be created at any time with or without warning as seen fit by any senior staff member or authorized person.

Terms of Use

NWN2 Realms of Trinity is a 100% FREE service. Donations that are made with the understanding that you are helping to defray costs incurred by the Realms of Trinity project. There are no expectations of service uptime or availability. There are no guarantees that your progress will be saved and you will not be entitled to any monetary rewards for loss of character or account data. Donation gifts listed on the donations page are gift guidelines, and are not guaranteed. By autodownloading ROT files and playing on the server, you are agreeing to these terms of use.

Data Retention Policy

Vault archving due to player inactivity has been discontinued as of 1/1/2017 due to the server upgrade. If your account was archived before this date, we will restore your account to the best of our abilites upon request.

Privacy Policy

In addition to all in game rules of conduct, we also require the awareness that the Realms of Trinity has an online data Privacy Policy that details our online operations and data security. You can find the Privacy Policy by following the link below. Privacy Policy * Edited on 05/27/2018