Building and maintaining a solid and privately hosted data center is costly. The web site, business internet service, and maintenance are constant costs. We run this site on our own dime, but we happily take donations of any amount. If you enjoy the Realms of Trinity and would like to contribute to its growth, please make a donation. We currently only accept donation via PayPal. Please indicate the gifts that you would like for your donation in the donation notes as well as your Bioware Community Name (Game Login Name you choose after you select mutiplayer.)

If you would like to support the Realms of Trinity financially, please click the link below to donate via PayPal. Paypal.

  Donations for Set Items and Runes

We accept donations for Set Items at $12.50 USD per item, and $.75 USD per rune level requested. Please be sure to include the item name or rune level in your donation notes. Items will appear in your inventory the next time you login after we process your donation and request. Please view the Set Items and Rune Cost Guide below for more information.

Set Item Catalog

  Donations for Game Gold

We accept donations for in game gold. For every $1.00 USD that is received you will get 50,000gp, in addition for every $10.00 US dollars you donate, as a bonus, you will receive an additional amount of 100,000gp.

  Donations for Wish Shards

For every $1.00 USD donated, we credit your account with 2 *Wish Shards. (*Please read forum for Wish Shard details.)

  Donations for Item Drop Catalog

For a $5.00 USD donation, we will email you a Excel Spreadsheet with every item that drops from a spawner and which area it can drop in. Note: This list does not include special drops for Extreme Difficulty kills, and random generated items on kill.

Automatic Donation Benefits

Just by donating for any of the above mentioned gifts, you will attain the following supporter statuses depending on your donation amount. All patron benefits are active from the date your donation is processed and for the next 31 days.


Donated $5 or more in total since RoT’s inception.

Patron - Bronze

Donated $10 in the past month.

Patron - Silver

Donated $15 in the past month.

Patron - Gold

Donated $20 in the past month.


Donated $300 or more in total since RoT’s inception.

Note: Patron options are available from the Wish Shard store menu under "Premium Supporter Options". These are "bonuses" to the value of the donations. You don't donate for these, but you're awarded them automatically. This means that if you donate $5 for wish shards you will also get the "Supporter" epithet. If you donate to get yourself a guild you will be a "Patron - Bronze" for the month as well.

Terms of Use

NWN2 Realms of Trinity is a 100% FREE gaming community experience. Donations that are made with the understanding that you are helping to defray costs incurred by the Realms of Trinity project. There are no expectations of uptime or availability. There are no guarantees that your progress will be saved and you will not be entitled to any monetary rewards for loss of character or account data. Donation gifts listed on the donations page are gift guidelines, not guaranteed, and may change without notice. By autodownloading ROT files and playing on the server, you are agreeing to these terms of use.

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